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Fiction / Drama / 11 mins

Written & Directed by Jane Gull 

Produced by Emma Curtis 

Cinematography by Justin Brown 

Edited by Benjamin Gerstein 

Cast - Darren Kent, Lewis Nicolas, Tara Hodge 

A striking take on the relationship between a father and his son Danny who lives in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition.

Sunny Boy has screened at over sixty international film festivals including - 

Brief Encounters International Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden & Interfilm Berlin Short Film Festival. 

Broadcast on Ch4 and ARTE TV 

Available on DVD


Le Grand Prix du Jury - Entr'2 Marches Cannes

Best in Festival - Triforce Short Film Festival 

Best Short Film - The Other Film Festival

Best Short Film - Norwich Film Festival   

Best In Festival - Norwich Film Festival

Best Foreign Film - All Sports LA Festival

Artistic Director Award - Lady Filmmakers (US) 

Best Script - Super Shorts Int. Festival

Best Actor - Van d'OrAwards

Best Actor - The Silent River Film Festival

Audience Choice Award - All Sports LA

Highly Commended - WOW Film Festival

Highly Commended - Kilburn Film Fest

Honourable Mention - Dokufest

Honourable Mention - Alpinale Film Fest

Aloha Accolade Award - Honolulu Int Fest

Global Impact Award 2016- Move Me Productions Belgium


Fiction / Drama / 11 mins 

Written & Directed by Jane Gull 

Produced by Luis Sanchez 

Cinematography by Susanne Salavati 

Edited by Benjamin Gerstein 

Cast - Darren Kent, Krisdeana Reed


A bird-watcher makes an unusual discovery. 

Official Selections: 

London Short Film Festival, 26th Filmfest Dresden, Colchester Film Festival, Cornwall Film Festival

Underwire Film Festival , European Ind. Film Festival - Paris, St.Albans Film Festival, British Shorts Berlin

Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival & Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival



Audience Choice Award - Liverpool Lift-Off

Nominated for 'best drama' & 'best actor' at the Van d'Or Film Awards

Nominated for 'best cinematography' - Underwire Film Festival


Fiction / 3 mins

Written & Directed by Jane Gull 

Impressionistic film of young girls talking about their hopes for the future, laid over film looking at the realities of sexual exploitation in the UK today.

UNCHOSEN uses this film to educate Police and other professionals on how to recognise victims of human trafficking. Unchosen is a charity that uses the power of film to fight modern slavery in the UK.


Fiction / Drama / 6 mins 

Directed & Produced by Jane Gull

Written by Kevin Pacey 

Cinematography by Susanne Salavati 

Edited by Toby Tomkins

A disaffected teacher, unable to cope with the daily war of apathy and aggression, uses extreme measures to restore order in the classroom.

Official Selections:

British Urban Film Festival

London Short Film Festival

Soho Rushes Shorts

Hull Film Festival

British Short Berlin


Nominated for 'best drama' at The Limelight Film Awards

Nominated for 'best drama' & 'sound design' at the Van d'Or Film Awards. 


Fiction / 3 mins 

Written & Directed by Jane Gull

Cinematography by - Ed Rutherford 

A bride takes drastic action in her bid for freedom .

Made for the straight 8 challenge.  A short film made on one cartridge of super 8 with no editing, no re-takes, no grade, no post-production. 


Fiction / Drama / 10 mins 

Written & Directed by Jane Gull

Executive Producer - Sheryl Crown 

Cinematography by  - Ed Rutherford 

Cast - Caroline Pegg, Steven Bronowski, Anna Karen 

A couple are at breaking point after their tragic loss. 

Made with the support of the UK Film Council 

Screened at festival including - London Short Film Festival, Cambridge Film Festival...


Experimental / 6 mins 

Written & Directed by Jane Gull 

Cast - Lewis Nicolas 

A modern day twist on the myth Narcissus and Echo.​

Director Larry Clark (Kids, Bully...) said it was 'Brave, Personal & Sincere'


Derestricted film competition in association with Shooting People & Revolver Films - 3rd Prize.

Screened at London Short Film Festival.


Documentary / 10 mins 

Written & Directed by Jane Gull 


An ageing community discuss the prospect of leaving their homes, which will be demolished to make way for a high speed train.

Screened at:

Open City Doc Festival

Humanity Explored Festival 

Camden Peoples Theatre

Nominated for My Street Award.


Documentary / 45 mins 

Directed by James Fox 

Produced by Jane Gull 

A story of show business, travel and demonic possession. 

Screened at the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 


Fiction / Comedy / 10 mins 

Written & Directed by Norbert Morawetz

Produced by Jane Gull

Made with the support of UK Film Council 


Animation / Horror / 2 mins 

Written & Produced by Jane Gull 

Directed, Animated & Edited by Emma Curtis 

A sleeping woman gets a creepy visitor.

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